• Neopor works in the exact same way as EPS and has exactly the same applications.

  • Neopor is a “Graphite enhanced” EPS.

  • With Graphite particles present, it allows for a much higher insulation value.

  • Neopor offers 15-20% better insulation for the same thickness EPS.

  • Neopor is grey in colour, due to the graphite.

  • Neopor provides up to 50% less use of raw materials in production over conventional EPS.

  • Neopor has superior soundproofing qualities and is often used to sound proof between walls and different floors in multi-story houses/buildings.

  • The aging- and rot-resistant material properties, in particular, make Neopor insulating materials a durable, long-term, and safe thermal insulation. 

  • Neopor insulating boards are aging and rot-resistant, and are extremely sturdy and dimensionally stable. They are diffusion-open and highly water-repellent, and offer the advantage of low water absorption.

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