• Expanded Polystyrene has been used in the construction industry for many years and will continue being used due to its advantages.

  • EPS can be used in Under-floor, Roof, Wall and under-screed insulation.

  • Densities vary depending on the application.

  • Densities ranging from 12 DV – 50 DV dependant on the clients requirements.

  • Polystyrene is also used as Void Formers.

  • EPS has many “Green” qualities and will benefit towards the green rating of the building.

  • EPS is blown using Pentane thus making it ODP free and CFC & HCFC free.

  • Polystyrene can be produced in many different thicknesses, widths and lengths dependant on the client’s specifications and allowances.

  • EPS is completely recyclable and will contribute to Green Ratings.

  • EPS has sound insulating properties and will create a sound barrier between rooms and floors of buildings.

  • Our EPS has a B2 fire rating as well as a fire retardant.

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